Audit and Other Assignments

We do various types of audits, like - Internal audit, Statutory Audit, Compliance Audit, Special Audit, Tax Audit for Companies, Individuals, NGOs, Partnership Firms, Government Departments, Banks etc

Accounting Advisory Services

We provide training to the accountants of our client on proper maintainence of books of accounts - both under manual and computerized environment. We advice them regarding the vouchers to be maintained, periodic reports to be prepared, reconciliations to be made, internal control procedure to be followed etc.

Accounting and Related Services

We prepare TDS Returns, GST Returns, etc.

Advice on preparing Budgets and Projections

We prepare Projected Balance Sheets, Project Reports for new as well as existing entities.

Advising on Drafting of Deeds / Agreements

We helps in drafting various deed like - Partnership Deed, Deeds for NGOs, Memorandum and Article of Association for Companies, etc

Certification of Financial Data / Statements

We do Certification of financial data for various purposes, like - for bank loan, Utilization of Grant, Stock Position etc.

Charitable Trusts Matters

We help in registration of Charitable Trust; We also do audit of Charitable Trusts.

Company Law Matters

We handle every matter relating to Company right from Incorporation to Winding Up of a Company.

Consultation and Arbitration

We do Consultation and Arbitration for our Client.

Corporate Finance Advisory

We do various Corporate Finance Advisory work like - Budgeting, Fund Management, Fund Raising etc.

Income Tax Matters

We handle Income Tax matters for various types of Clients like - Individual, Partnership Firm, Companies, Trusts etc.

Investigation Assignments

We do various investigative audits for Fraud detection, financial misappropriation etc.


GST Calculation, GST Return preparation and uploading, GST Audit etc